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You’ll find unique stories, cool activities, and a bunch of other things that I am sure you will enjoy.  You also get to meet the interesting characters of Blountville; like Michael who likes to take, take, take, but never wants to share, and Mabel who everyone thinks is different, well everyone except for Mabel, and so many more.  You also will get to learn about Blountville and how almost anything can happen there.  My name is Cat Blount.  You can find out more about me here.  I visit Blountville quite often so I know almost everything about it.  It’s a great place to visit!


Please, have fun going through the pages.  I have so much to share, and so much more to give.  Have a wonderful stay.


Guess what?  I have a new story that I know you will enjoy.  It’s called Tiny Timothy Timilty, The Boy Who HATES…, and it’s here!
Tiny Timothy Timilty



A mysteriously sad snowman and the truth about Santa. Available now. Please click on the image to go to my page of tales.