Stories From Within
Life, Laughter, Lessons
Tales With Twists

My stories come to you in their original expressions and I create them with love, happiness, and color for you to enjoy!  


They are a mixture of laughs, lessons, and thoughtful messages for you and your family to share, and they always come with with a surprise twist, well, so far they do.

Each story is presented to you as ORGANIC as possible, meaning NO ADDITIVES!  I write and illustrate my tales from the inside, without thinking about anything or anyone else other than the story.  


My style of writing is different, my illustrations are different, and my tales are different.  I write and illustrate what comes to me; unadulterated creative expression.  What you are getting is as pure, as thoughtful, and as unique as it gets.

This is the PERFECT way for me to present my stories to all of you, ORGANIC, COLORFUL, and EXACTLY THE WAY I WANT TO!


Coming Soon!
A Card to Remember: Mia's Papa Has Alzheimer's