A Lesson Learned Introducing the climax!

Ok, we are finally here.  This is where the climax begins.  There is an important detail that I haven’t revealed in any of my updates for A Lesson Learned: The Lake in the Middle of the Forest.  You know that Allison’s mom has forbidden her to go to the lake in the middle of the forest, however, you don’t know why.

“There is a horrible, terrible alligator that follows the river into that area.  He is said to be vicious!”

That’s right.  There’s a vicious alligator in the lake, Allison’s mom told her.  So now you know why she was told to stay away.

We are at the part of the story where Allison meets a new furry friend, Jessica.  This new furry friend will change everything!  She represents one of all parents’ worst nightmares.  SOMEONE WHO CAN CONVINCE YOUR CHILD TO NOT ADHERE TO YOUR WORDS.  It seems that Jessica has information, beyond what Allison’s mother knows, that makes oodles of sense.  However, will Allison’s obedience to her mother keep her from giving in?

I am so excited for this part of the story.  The buildup to this point is natural, and this climax is the perfect peak to where this story is headed → A twist you will not expect.

Well, back to the story.


Posted on: May 2, 2017CatBlount

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