Arelius Is Finally Back!!!!

Arelius Is Finally Back!!!!

For those of you who do not know, I pulled all of my titles from the market, all 7 of them at the time, all at once as I felt that I wasn’t writing from within.  [You can read about it here].

Arelius Turtle of SpeedSo, my plan, back then, was to bring all of my titles back, one by one, before working on new titles.  However, instead of bringing back all of the stories that had been already published, I STARTED ADDING NEW TITLES TO MY LIBRARY!  I couldn’t help it…  Stories kept coming to my mind.  I had to write them.  And I did.  However, I am now so happy to be able to say that Arelius, Turtle of Speed, is finally, finally, FINALLY back on the market where it truly belongs.  It really is a special story.

The tale of Arelius is so dear to me.  It was my first story written, beginning, middle, and end.  That is huge because I was never able to finish a story once I thought of one; crumpled paper defined my earlier attempts at writing as a child.  Then one day, a story blew into my mind, and I wrote it in less than 18 minutes.  That story was Arelius, Turtle of Speed.

To quickly summarize, the story is about a turtle who has been given the gift of speed.  Arelius Turtle of SpeedHe is eventually praised for his talent, and all of the praise and admiration goes straight to his head!  He concludes, when he evaluates his life, that he does not need anyone or anything.

Arelius is such a great tale with a huge message for all, but it also includes hidden messages that may not be that evident.

Arelius Turtle of Speed

I do hope you all enjoy Arelius, Turtle of Speed with your little ones.


Posted on: March 2, 2016CatBlount