Cat’s Summer Ebook Giveaway

Hello all!

I have wonderful news for all of you lovers of children’s stories!

I will be offering several of my ebooks for you to enjoy for free throughout the summer months!

So, if you haven’t experienced my stories, this is the perfect opportunity for you to indulge in my unique collection of works.


Here’s the first story for you to own.

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In short, a young rabbit wants to find friends, but every time she meets an animal, they are on their way to the one place her mother told her not to go.  Will she end up going to the forbidden part of the forest, or will she hold on to her mother’s warnings?

Will you be able to figure out the mystery of this tale before it is revealed?  Are you ready for a story packed with lessons for everyone?  Do you need a read that makes you want to keep turning the pages?  A Lesson Learned: The Lake in the Middle of the Forest is the book to own.  

Obtain your copy today!

Posted on: July 6, 2017CatBlount