I Want It!

I Want It!

I Want It! Cover 3

I Want It! by Cat Blount

Michael is a very selfish young boy.  He wants everything from everyone, and doesn’t think about sharing, at all!  His neighbors are very kind and very giving.  They give Michael everything that he asks for.  EVERYTHING!  How will Michael ever learn to not be so selfish?  How will he learn to share?  How will he learn to care?

Find out if Michael learns to be caring and giving like the people in the town he lives in.  And if he will learn the hard way or the easy way.

Illustrations on every single page!

This ebook can be purchased through Amazon to be viewed on your Kindle or with a free Kindle app for Windows 8, Android Phones, Android Tablets, and iPads, as well as with the Kindle Cloud Reader.  Paperback coming soon.