Interview with Dan from LISA

[This transcribed interview took place before the events in the story titled LISA, of The 3 Screams Trilogy.]

Sass Bloom here!  Today, in my studio, we have with us Dan Oldson from The 3 Screams.

Sass:  Hello, Dan!

Dan:  Hello.

Sass:  Dan, thank you so much for agreeing to come in and talk with us.

Dan:  Yeah, my mother thought that it would be a good idea.

Sass:  Well, be sure to thank her for me because I am so happy to have you here.

Dan:  Uh, ok.

Sass:  Dan, here, at Cat Blount Studios, we like to get right into the mix of things.  I understand that tomorrow your parents will be going out, and you and your sister will be watched over by a babysitter.

Dan: My mother told you that!?!  Are you kidding me?  What???

Sass:  Dan, it’s ok; really it is.  Besides, I doubt that your friends are among my listeners.  Everything will be fine; you don’t have to worry.

Dan: That’s easy for you to say.  I don’t want to do this interview.

Sass:  Now, Dan.  Having a babysitter is not that big of a deal.

Dan:  It is when you’re a 14 year old boy!

Sass:  Yes, well, why exactly do you think your parents found a babysitter to watch over you and your sister?

Dan:  She’s not going to be there to watch over me.  I don’t need anyone watching over me.  She can watch over Abby.

Sass:  Couldn’t you have watched over your sister, you know, being that you’re 14, and most babysitters start at that age?

Dan:  Yes!  I could totally watch her like always.

Sass:  Oh, you’ve watched her before?

Dan:  Yeah.  When my parents go out, I’m the one to watch her.

Sass:  So why the change?

Dan:  I don’t know.  It’s silly.  My mom thinks that I don’t watch her close enough.  I mean she’s 7 years old!  How closely do I have to watch her?

Sass:  But something must have happened for your mom to think that she needed to call a babysitter, Dan.  What was it?

Dan:  Not my fault!  That’s what it was.  I had the guys over like always, and Abby was in her room.  When they left, I went to my room, and then out of nowhere, when my parents got home, I heard my mom calling out for Abby, and then she came running into my room.

Sass:  Who your mom?

Dan:  Yeah.  She was like, “Where’s your sister?  Were you not watching her!?!”  Did she want me to stay in Abby’s room with her?

Sass:  So where was Abby?

Dan:  For some reason, and with Abby, there doesn’t have to be a reason, she went out back and climbed into my old tree house.  She was pretending that she was in a castle or something.  So instead of getting mad at her, they got mad at me.

Sass:  I see.  What time did they get home?

Dan:  I don’t know.  Around 11 I guess.

Sass:  What time did your friends leave?

Dan:  I think about 9.

Sass:  Do you think you see their point at all?

Dan:  No,  I mean a little.  Hey, listen, they need to stop treating Abby like a baby, and Abby needs to start making better decisions.

Sass:  Well, Dan, I thank you very much for sitting with me this afternoon, and I hope it goes well with the babysitter.

Dan:  I just want to get it over with.

Sass:  Dan, one more thing…  Do you spend time with your little sister?

Dan:  I guess.  We eat together, and I see her in the house.  She’s 7 years old.  There’s nothing to do with her.

Sass:  She doesn’t ask you to play, or anything?

Dan:  Yeah, but she wants to play silly games all of the time.  We used to play together, but I’m older now.  

Sass:  I see.  Well, thank you again for visiting me here in the studio.

And there you have it.  My interview with Dan.  If you are interested in how it went at the Oldson’s the night the babysitter came, click on the book cover and own a copy of LISA.  I have a feeling that Dan is going to learn something very important; I just hope it won’t be too late.  That’s all for this evening.  As always, my beautiful listeners, have a wonderful night.

Sass Bloom signing off.

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