The 3 Screams

The 3 Screams

The 3 Screams
Three Short Spooky Stories For Kids

 by Cat Blount

Reader Discretion is Advised for Younger Children


Sleeping Through The Night

So Wicked

 3 spooky stories that will capture and take hold of your attention from the beginning of each tale to the end.

Suspenseful shorts that will keep you guessing and wanting more.

A book packed with illustrations that will give you just enough imagery to not hinder your own imagination.


Dan, a 14-year-old boy, is not happy. He knows that the babysitter is just a punishment for not taking better care of his little sister. He hates the idea of having to be watched by another teenager, and knows that if it gets out, he’ll be the target of ridicule by his fellow peers. Dan soon comes to find out, that being babysat at his age is the least of his worries.


What happened to all of the children? Why can’t they go to sleep. A reason is given as to why, but no solution is in sight. Will a kind sister, and her brother, who can empathize with the town’s dismay, bring peace back to this small town? Or will the children and parents be lured into their worst nightmare?


Scheanna is beautiful, popular, and envied by everyone. She doesn’t like mistakes, she doesn’t like excuses, and she doesn’t like imperfections. Elizabeth, a shy girl in class, made the horrible mistake of listening in on one of the popular girl’s conversations to her friends. She meant no harm, but it was too late; she was Scheanna’s next target. Scheanna’s reprimand was her best yet. The more uncomfortable Elizabeth felt, the more the verbal lashing continued. Why is it ok for Scheanna to be so awful to everyone? Will no one make her pay?

Happy reading!

Illustrations throughout.

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