Virtual Author Visits

Virtual Author Visits

Exclusively for Homeschooling Families, Group Organizers, and At-Home Readings!!!


“Passionate, animated, and entertaining are just a few ways to describe the way she brings her stories to life.  She feels her stories as well as her characters in such a genuine fashion that children and adults alike can’t help but to get lost in her titles.  Her character voices alone turns a one woman show into a full multi-character production!”

“As a mom who is blessed with having my children schooled at home, I always look for out-of-the-box, unique ways to bring their lessons to another level, and to quite often, bring them to life!  Providing this service, exclusively for children at home, who would otherwise not have this opportunity, is one of my best ideas yet!”
-Cat Blount


Your children will certainly enjoy a virtual visit from Cat Blount and they will feel her love for what she does.  Have her visit during the school year, or for those warm summer days!  An author visit is perfect all year round.  

As you know, author visits are exciting events that can produce a great deal of enthusiasm from all involved. Children feel encouraged to want to learn more about writing, illustrating, creating, and the list goes on.  Having an actual author visit can spawn many great questions, ideas, and inspirations. 

Of course, there are those who say, “A virtual author visit is nothing like an ‘actual’ author visit.”  Well, Virtual Author Visitwho says?  You won’t find Cat saying it, in fact, she totally disagrees.  Same presentation, same hand-outs, same stories, same answers to questions, and best of all, the same awesome fun!  And then, there’s the cool screen-sharing capabilities, behind-the-scene “going-ons” of the production of an author’s work, a look into the author’s work area, and more!  Pretty cool, right? 

Take a look at what Cat has to offer.


For $18 for up to one hour, you will enjoy the following…

  • Introduction
  • Predictions [See Below In Step C]
  • A complete reading of one of Cat’s stories with time for discussion throughout. 
  • Question and Answer Time.

*The $18 price is per home.  Have 1, 4, 8, or 10 kids living at home, or friends visiting?  That’s fine.  The price is $18.  If you would like to invite families from other locations to attend the visit through Skype, they will be responsible for paying the price of $8.   All parties that will be attending, with different Skype addresses, must submit a separate email address, unless payment will be paid by one party.

Different activities, and a different story is offered,  for each subsequent visit, so by all means, have Cat again!

You don’t have to wait until Cat stops reading a page to enjoy the illustrations! Enjoy them while she’s reading! A unique plus to add to the viewer’s experience!

See?  Did  you think that you could offer this platform to your children?  Well, you can!

“Ok, I’m convinced!  Let’s do it!  Is this where the hard part comes in?”  Nope.  Just follow these easy steps, and the rest Cat will handle.

  • STEP A.
    • Fill out the form below.  Once received, an email confirming the time and date will be sent out.  In that same email, you will be provided with the title that will be read to your listeners along with activity pages to be completed either before, during, or after the visit.  You will also be notified if the date you chose is available. 
  • STEP B.
    • Please download Skype as this is the platform Cat uses to visit virtually.  Click on the hyperlink for more information. 
  • STEP C. [This can vary.]
    • Get your kids ready for the event!
      • Cat does not ask that her books be purchased before the event.  There are, as you all know, so many extra things that parents have to purchase for their kids during the year, and sometimes, it can be a challenge.  Cat is removing “this extra thing” from the list.  So just show up and enjoy.  Besides, most of her titles come with some type of a twist and it’s always fun for her being the first to reveal the surprises in her stories. 
      • Have your children visit Cat’s website and view the title’s page for the book for the visit.  Have them make predictions based on what they read and facilitate a conversation about what they think the book’s theme is.  We will go over everything during the visit.
      • Have them think of questions to ask during Question and Answer Time.

And that’s it.  It really is a simple process; and the result…


Please contact Cat for a visit today!



“Cat Blount is a fantastic children’s book author that writes about topics that all children can relate to.  Her books have important messages and lessons that are touching the hearts and minds of children everywhere.

Thank you so much Cat for coming to our class and reading aloud to us.  The students were captivated by your expression and voice of the characters that brought the book to life in their minds.  You gave each of our students an experience they will not forget.  Thank you for bringing books to life!”


Mrs. Heidi Gunderson
International Academy Teacher, iCademy

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Fees – Entire payment is due immediately following the virtual visit.  An invoice will be sent to the email provided during confirmation of the visit.

Purchasing these services as a gift?  Payment is due up front.

By accepting the event time and date, you agree to pay the full non-refundable fee of the author visit following the actual visit.